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  • All Local, Regional, State, Federal Firefighters & Their Families/Friends


  • St Patricks Day parade & After party


  • Parade starts in Old Sacramento in front of Joe's Crab Shack on Front Street x Neasham Circle
  • After Party will be directly after the Parade @ Honey & The Trap Cat on the Back patio in the Ally Way @1023 Front Street


  • March 14th 2020 (A shift Day 2)
  • @1100 - Rally At Honey & the Trap Cat for Pre-Parade Camaraderie
  • @1230 - Organize at the front of the Parade 
  • @1300 - Step off 
  • @1330ish - Meet at Honey and the Trap Cat for After Party


  • Is this parade/after party only for Sacramento Fire Department members?

Not at all! This parade is for all Sacramento Area firefighters and any out of town Firefighters who want to be apart of this long standing fire service tradition!  Members of the public are encouraged to come out and celebrate with us too!

  • What should I wear for the parade and afterparty?

For the Parade,The class A uniform of your department would be preferred. The Class B  uniform would also be acceptable! Please don't let not having a class A uniform keep you from coming to the parade!

During the after party please follow your departments rules for wearing your class A uniform in venues that serve Alcohol or while consuming Alcohol. It is currently the Policy of the Sacramento Fire Department that Class A uniforms will not be allowed while consuming alcohol.

We will provide a coat rack to hang your Class A coat and Hat or uniform while attending the after party. 

  • Can My Department Bring a Department apparatus to the Parade?

Yes! If you can bring 10 or more members to the parade from your fire department you can include a frontline apparatus (if your Dept allows) or you can bring an antique/historical fire engine/truck from your fleet!

  • Is this a Family Friendly event?

Absolutely! If you have a young child feel free to have them march with you during the parade. Also the venue for the afterparty is family friendly for all ages. Please feel free to invite your friends, family and all of your fellow firefighting Brothers and Sisters!

  • Who do I contact with question or to find out more information?

Please feel free to email, call, text Aaron W @ or    (916)804-2678

Sacramento Firefighter Relief Association

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